Monthly Archives: December 2022

Digital Broadcast

GNMI produced digital content for the Adal platform as a part of the asynchronous side of the content. 08 role […]

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Community of Practice

An online community of practice was also established consisting of criminal justice training alumni for sharing best practices in form […]

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GNMI actively coordinated with GOP partners for the onboarding of criminal justice institutions, enrollment of Leahy vetted officials nominated by […]

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Curriculum Development

3 customized courses including one for both senior and junior cadres with relevant synchronous and asynchronous content were developed to […]

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Under the ADAL Program, GNMI conducted 5 primary and 43 sub-activities; (1) Development of online course through (a) 8 consultations […]

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A total of 5 outstanding digital content were selected for additional advocacy support built-in into their budget for conducting 5 […]

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