GNMI actively coordinated with GOP partners for the onboarding of criminal justice institutions, enrollment of Leahy vetted officials nominated by them, locking schedules for training dates, and facilitation in training venue/medium provision. A total of 360 (180 females, 180 males) officials were trained during the course these training.

The purpose of this activity was to tailor online courses prioritized by INL and GOP partners under this program in consultation with INL, Ziauddin University, and Subject Matter Experts and informed by the Gap Analysis. These courses include Crisis Negotiations (Strategic), Crisis Negotiations (Tactical), and Self-Efficacy. Another online training course, Leadership & Resiliency for Women in Criminal Justice Sector was taught to the personnel of GOP partners (justice, law enforcement, and counternarcotics) through the Adal virtual training resource center, a Moodle-based platform, under this program. The course carries a major chunk of women participants to increase the capacity of women participants for effective contribution to their duties and preparedness to assume leadership roles.

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