GenMedia, a dynamic and multi-faceted program at the crossroads of Gender issues and Media. Our mission is to empower journalists, digital content creators, filmmakers, and content producers to shine a spotlight on the persuasive issue of gender across diverse media platforms. The Program is committed to supporting a gender-inclusive and socially just society. Our interventions are designed to stimulate measurable impact, influence, and outreach, contributing to the strengthening of institutional support and community resilience in the face of GBV. GenMedia has pioneered a robust digital media campaign, bringing together seasoned journalists, civil society activists, artists, choreographers, physicians, rights-based activists, and psychologists. This collaborative effort is a powerful voice against GBV on our platform, aiming to avert social stigma and spark conversations that matter. Our goal is clear—to enable all stakeholders, including ourselves, to take responsibility for mainstreaming gender equality within their communities and institutions. GenMedia seeks to facilitate national and global stakeholders in developing and adopting policies and systems that contribute to the elimination of GBV worldwide.

GenMedia – Shaping Equality, One Story at a Time




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