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Media Baithak is an online and offline community to promote intellectual, cultural and professional engagement between media and civil society. At our space, we facilitate and digitally broadcast dialogue between stakeholders from the media and civil society around subjects of democratic process, social justice and accountability, amongst other interactive activities and trainings. These include lawyers, government officials, youth leaders, rights activists, artists, mediamakers, journalists, healthcare professionals and sports personalities. The initiative’s goal is to create a safe space for various stakeholders and community leaders to discuss and seek solutions for issues facing Pakistan.

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Think Tank

To host and broadcast these debates and exchanges of insight, GNMI created the activities focused on three parallel streams of efforts in order to glean the knowledge and expertise from social, political and cultural stakeholders.

–  Round-table

–  Journalists’ Training

–  Dialogue and Performance

This article will accumulate and compile the aim and lessons learned from these conferences in a concise manner in order to encompass their collective takeaways.