Media Baithak

Laughing Our Way To Peace 2

KARACHI: For a night of insight and humour, Shafaat Ali arrived at Media Baithak to a room jam packed with an anticipating audience. Due to being severely under the weather and at the hospital he was regrettably half an hour late, however there was nothing missing in his zeal and […]

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Dialogue and Performance: Peace In Motion

KARACHI: Society is a reflection of film and film is a symptom of society, that is the message that actor and model Sana Fakhar led the conversation with. Pakistan was once a nation that had over a thousand cinemas and going to cinemas was once a favourite pastime in the […]

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Dialogue on Laughing Our Way To Peace

KARACHI: Comedy plays an integral role in creating a holistic and inclusive society and humour has been used to diffuse many a tense situation, not just in an intimate setting but ideologically as well. In a dialogue and performance session on the 17th of October, 2019, four comedic legends graced a […]

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Dialogue on Arts and Culture in Conflict Recovery

‘Art uplifts the society by increasing empathy, critical thinking and tolerance’ KARACHI: Art has a pivotal role in uplifting the society by increasing empathy, critical thinking and tolerance as according to the progressive values. The views were expressed in a dialogue and performance session attended by Publisher/ Director Adab Festival […]

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Round-table Discussion on Online Voices

KARACHI: Journalists and social activists stressed the need of creating a digital space for the community to ensure promotion of progressive values in the society. The views were expressed in an exclusive roundtable conference attended by Social Activist Taha Ahmed Khan, Digital Influencer Arsalan Khan, Documentary Filmmaker Manal Khan, Lawyer […]

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Storytelling For Social Change

KARACHI: The tradition of storytelling acts as a catalyst for social change in the society and provides the required aesthetics for a progressive and inclusive society standing against intolerance and violent extremism. The remarks were expressed by panelists, including veteran actor Jahanara Hai, theatre actors Fawad Khan, Meesam Naqvi and […]

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