Digital Publications

30 digital publications including video, blogs, and news articles were created from the participants on subject of countering violent extremism. These publications were the part of deliverables of training “Peace and Peacebuilding through Journalism”. Apart from this publication, a digital campaign with the title “Promoting Leadership & Resilience of Women in Media” was also published from Media Baithak Facebook page to spread awareness of women’s rights for achieving gender equality. In that digital campaign female journalists outlined the impact of highlighting stories of women role models on mainstream & digital media. Experts also showed, in the digital campaign, ways to break barriers in women empowerment. The importance of bringing women-centric role models and stories to the forefront of mainstream and digital media was also focused on the campaign. Moreover, role model videos were also published on Global Neighbourhood for Media Innovation’s YouTube Channel at International Women’s day on 8th March 2021.

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