Empowering Awareness through Multi-Faceted Digital Initiatives

G-TALKS – Weekly Digital Talk-Show: The dynamic G-TALKS, a 18-episode digital talk-show on GNMI’s platform, aimed to destigmatize Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Punjab. Through engaging discussions with influential public figures, it sought to dismantle the silence around GBV. Guest experts from diverse walks of life illuminated this sensitive topic, with a focus on GBV’s current state, survivor support, and the intricacies of the criminal justice system.


Digital Broadcasts:


Survivor Support Guideline: Transformed into an interactive digital Urdu referral directory, accessible on GNMI’s website and other platforms, offering vital support mechanisms for survivors and at-risk individuals in Punjab’s target districts.

Digital Referral Directory: Widely disseminated on social media, the digital version of the referral directory facilitated access to support resources.

Criminal Justice Handbook: A user-friendly digital pocket guide demystifying GBV cases’ criminal justice process in Punjab. This empowered at-risk or survivor women, girls, and trans individuals by imparting knowledge of their rights and familiarizing them with the legal journey.

Awareness-Raising Digital Content:

Engaging explainer videos, including animated videos and expert explainers, delving into GBV’s forms, impact, legal procedures, and available support services, actively shared on social media.

GBV Webinars: Interactive webinars brought together criminal justice practitioners, influencers, journalists, and civil society members to dissect local GBV issues through dynamic panel discussions on GNMI’s social media channels. These sessions fostered dialogue, identifying challenges and exploring potential solutions collectively.

Twitter Spaces and Influencers’ Podcasts:

Twitter Spaces sessions featured social media influencers, sparking public discourse and reshaping attitudes towards GBV in Punjab’s specific districts. Conducting influencer-hosted podcasts deepened public engagement and understanding of GBV issues. Collaborating with public figures amplified advocacy efforts, expanding the message’s reach across platforms.


This comprehensive digital approach serves to unravel GBV’s complexities, stimulate conversation, and shift societal perceptions, all while empowering survivors and fostering a more informed and compassionate society in Punjab.

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