Voicing and Presentation: Broadcast Skills for Digital Media and TV

Media Baithak holds journalists training session on ‘Voicing and Presentation: Broadcast skills for TV and Digital Media’

KARACHI: Prominent journalists from all over the news media industry attended a journalist training on ‘Voicing and Presentation: Broadcast skills for TV and Digital Media’ at Media Baithak on Saturday (September 14).

The training workshop led by senior journalists, Najia Ashar and Syed Faisal Karim, focused on the tips, techniques and required understanding of the news media broadcasting to fresh and midcareer journalists in light of stories related to social justice journalism, accountability journalism and democratic process.

The participants, who were primarily journalists affiliated with diverse media outlets, were at first apprised of theoretical dimensions of the news media like difference between various medium of the news format, voice variations and recommended dress code on screen.

The trainers, later, took the recently surfaced human rights abuses such like extrajudicial killings, domestic violence and honor killings to train the participants over how to report on them in line with fine journalistic values and media ethics. The training not only took into account anchoring but also highlighted production angle and the required content needed to produce a high quality news production.

Najia and Faisal reiterated that social justice journalism and accountability journalism are prerequisites for a healthy and vibrant democracy as a journalist being a watchdog for public interest would always make sure that a common man’s right is being protected by the institutions under elected representatives.

“Journalism can help consensus emerge, improve the knowledge and judgment of voters, and sharpen the performance of public officials and government as a whole. Hence such trainings are not only important for the professionals of the news media industry but also hold a significant positive impact in the society at large in the bigger picture,” said Karim after the training session.

Media Baithak serves as a community space for cultural engagement of media and civil society representative. It gives a platform to distinguished voices from the fields of journalism, politics, academia and other fields to discuss contemporary issues of the society.

The organization has previously conducted sessions on the role of poetry in combating violent extremism, women empowerment, the role of qawwali in promoting positive values, journalists’ training on social media and the role of media in spreading peace and harmony in the society.

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