Contemporary Education and the Promotion of Inclusive Policy Frameworks for Countering Violent Extremism in Pakistan

18th June, 2019 – Karachi – Global Neighborhood for Media Innovation (GNMI), under the umbrella of its iconic initiative Media Baithak in collaboration with Hum Awaz organized a round-table meeting to address the most pressing issue of the society – “Contemporary Education and the Promotion of Inclusive Policy Frameworks for Countering Violent Extremism in Pakistan”

The agenda of this round-table encompassed the long awaited idea of contemporary education elements; reviewing the institution environments, identify flaws in current education system, steps for policy guideline for inculcating contemporary education in curriculum and the role of media in this movement.

The round-table was moderated by broadcast Journalist and founding president of GNMI, Najia Ashar “ we have been talking about rigid and old-school curriculum which is ruining our education standards, why can’t we as a member of society struggle to work and discuss on contemporary education to reduce violence extremism and to help the government in formulating a policy for education, its very easy to say we want change, but we need to be a part of change ” This statement of Najia Ashar lead the productive round-table.

“Contemporary education is the one which satisfies the requirements of each student, it must be project based and research focused. Higher education is not for all, we have made is compulsory which is leading to frustration, we need to introduce contemporary education from primary level to make youth more productive and focused”said Professor Khalid Iraqi, Vice chancellor Karachi University.

“Productive engagement of youth is vital to reduce violence extremism dramatically, if the institutions are resourceful students would be satisfied and would not become prey of ill hands, project based co-curricular and research based assessments must be introduced from secondary level to make student skilled and well equipped” said Dr. SaroshHashmi, Vice chancellor N.E.D University.

One education system is a key to reduce frustration and isolation among the youth; it will further make Pakistan a one united nation with no class discrimination. Objectives of national education policy must be cleared and then the same philosophy of objectives must be translated through curriculum which then be taught in classrooms” both, Professor Dr. Muhammad Zubair and C.E.O rethinking education Saima Faraz shared their mutual point of views.

All the honorable speakers proposed that focus on primary education with no grade based result but project based assessment is a vital to produce successful and productive youth, they further agreed that education bill must be passed in the assembly comprising punishments for head of institution and MPA of the constituency where plagiarism/cheating is being done. They also addressed the crucial issues like, drugs on campus, harassment in institution, lack of incubation center for entrepreneurs and unavailability of content for kids in Urdu.

I am lucky that I am a part of this round-table I will defiantly raise the points in the assembly, which we are discussing here. We are also preparing a draft of a bill of anti-drug and anti-harassment, to be presented in the assembly and this event will help us in many directions. I believe vocational and technical training is widely missing from the national curriculum, if we provide productive and positive skills to the youth they will never look towards any ill thoughts” said MPA Sindh Assembly, Nusrat Sehar Abbasi.

Other honorable speakers who made this round-table a productive session were Ms. Irum Zia- lecturer Szabist University, Dr.Aamir Syed- Lecturer Ziauddin Medical University, Dr.Adnan Phuggawala- Phd Fellow University of Pennsylvania, Mr. Hamza Lari – C.E.O HAHA Studio, Mr. Bashir Abro, Director Liaqat National Library, Ms. Sonia Shehzad- Reporter SAMMA TV, Ms. Burraq Shabbir – Reporter The News, Ms. Sajjal Naqvi- Host FM 98.2 Radio, Mr. Abbas Mumtaz – Journalist GTV, Ms. Saba Naz – Reporter Express News, Mr. Hasan Sherazi – Journalist Dawn News and Mr. M.Qaseem Seed- Reporter Geo News.

At the end of the round-table all the respectable speakers were awarded with token of appreciation. In few days a working paper will be released which will be available on GNMI website

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