#MoJo Training: Producing compelling and meaningful visual stories by Smartphones!

Karachi (April 27, 2019) Media Baithak started its full fledge operations; this unique platform would be a collaborative bridge between media and civil society. On its ground breaking event #MoJo- Mobile Journalism training, Media Baithak received an over whelming response from media and civil society members, the journalists were trained about techniques and tools, importance and global implementation of mobile journalism. 

From the platform of GNMI Karachietes experienced first Media Baithak (Media get together) and benefited from the #MoJo -Mobile Journalism training. A large number of journalists were trained by Ayaz Khan – Founder for #MoJo Pakistan. Trainer covered all aspects of #MoJo; story writing, scheduling, story boarding, shoot in live, camera framing and editing. The training was an ideal blend of media and civil society members, where journalists took live interviews from the civil society experts- Famous Tax Lawyer Mr. Anwar Kashif Mumtaz, Famous Educationist and Social Scientist Dr.Razia Zahid, Singer and Motivational Speaker – Ayesha Adil. All the participating journalists were given the task to work on stories by taking the in-dept point of views of civil society experts. 

Famous investigative Journalist Syed Masood Raza also emphasized on the importance of collaborating activities between media and civil society members. Executive Director of Media Baithak, Najia Ashar explained the role of media and civil society in social justice, accountability and democratic process, she further emphasized the importance of collaboration between the two main pillars of the nation- media and civil society, and Media Baithak aims to do so. She added that Media Baithak will not only provide the technical and up-to-date training to the journalists but will also digging up the ideas for news story because with-out a grasping story all technical training and equipments would be futile.

At the end of training participants were awarded with training certificates whereas civil society members received memorandum shields.

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