GNMI presented Conflict Reporting techniques

Nathaiagali : National Roundtable & Synthesis Workshop on Peace and stabilization of Conflict in Pakistan.

April 27-29, 2018.

Institute of Social and Policy Sciences (I-SAPS) conducted 3 days intensive workshop on said topic, GNMI being a global media representative represented its stance by talking and presenting a very sensitive issue of conflict reporting the delegates of the conference was high profiled and experts in their field; influential and revered members of the society, members of academia, teachers and media practitioners.

The primary aim of the roundtable was to initiate an informed and evidence based dialogues between the key stakeholders in a proactive and sustained manner for contributing towards peace and stabilization of conflict in Pakistan. the key objective of the national roundtable included:

1. To facilitate an informed policy discourse for redress and dignifying civilian victims and survivors of conflict;

2. Chart a strategy for a comprehensive research and teaching agenda to engage with the universities and teaching department leading to production of locally relevant knowledge that can help mitigating conflicts;

3. To engender a multi-disciplinary discourse on the roots of various domestic conflicts; this discourse will included academics, media, policy-makers and politicians.

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