GNMI’s work encompasses three broad categories, media literacy, media advocacy, and media and civil society collaboration. We facilitate dialogue and collaboration between mediamakers, the civil society and state on the themes of social justice, peace, democracy, electoral process and legislation, gender, art and culture, digital media, freedom of expression, social change, violent extremism, and media pluralism.


Media Literacy

Global media is fast changing and so are the ways and platforms through which information is disseminated around the world. This requires mediapersons working in digital as well as traditional media to equip themselves with modern tools to write and report stories. GNMI’s media literacy component trains mediapersons in contemporary news tools and outlets for creating effective digital stories. We specifically focus on topics like digital disinformation, safe use of online platforms and digital journalism. Senior industry professionals are also invited to train journalists in media ethics, writing and reporting through various hands-on workshops. We also encourage and support strong networks among media professionals through the trainings.


Media Advocacy

At GNMI, we bring together leading media personalities to discuss contemporary and structural issues facing the industry in a safe space. These include, but are not limited to, personalities from news, entertainment and infotainment. Through this, we also aim to improve the credibility and impact of the media industry on the society. Pakistan not only ranks abysmally low in journalist safety and media freedom, but also has a rapidly shrinking space for discussions on these challenges. There exists no strong, independent and viable network and support system that address the various threats and issues facing the journalist community today. GNMI seeks to provide a safe space where stakeholders can openly discuss and seek solutions for contemporary media issues.

Media and Civil Society Collaboration

Media and Civil Society Collaboration

GNMI recognizes that collaboration between the civil society and media is imperative for promoting an open and pluralistic society. We provide a platform for debate and exchange of ideas for professionals from various industries and connect the different actors in these fields, aimed at forming constructive and viable collaboration networks. Artists, writers, sports personalities, educationalists, rights activists, government officials and civil society organisations’ representatives are some of the professionals we bring together to seek solutions to various pressing social, economic and political issues facing Pakistan. GNMI ensures the productivity and usefulness of these round-table talks by monitoring and preparing working papers based on suggested policy challenges faced by media and civil society.