Our Vision

An independent, pluralistic and innovative media that empowers every individual, communities and democracy at all levels.

Our Mission

To promote innovation, excellence and leadership in media. GNMI values ethics, skills and opportunities to support media development, democracy and more vibrant communities.


Objective (6)


Improving the credibility and impact of the media industry.

Objective (7)


Facilitating dialogue and collaboration between civil society and the media for social change.

Objective (3)

Providing training on emerging issues as well as educating journalists to use contemporary digital tools and outlets.

Objective (5)

Monitoring, researching, surveying and publishing the suggested policy changes as well as challenges faced by journalism.

Objective (4)

Unifying the platform for discussion, debate and the exchange of views and experiences for journalists, editors, media executives and other professionals from varying industries.

Objective (2)


Sustaining and encouraging media productions that generate civic results.

Objective (1)


Creating and supporting diverse networks among media professionals.