Our Story

Global Neighbourhood for Media Innovation serves as a platform to bridge gaps between local media within Pakistan. It is an engrossed social platform and wants to implement programs that improve access nationwide to media advocacy, training and media literacy for future generations, be it news, entertainment or social media. We are committed to promote quality media awareness, provide learning resources and a forum to exchange views with the professionals working in print, television, radio and digital media from across the globe. Furthermore, GNMI offers hands-on workshops, conferences, awareness sessions, seminars, public forums and opportunities to upgrade the level of quality of intercultural training through expanding media capabilities of the youth and use media for expanding transversal skills of youngsters as inventiveness, development, capacity to learn and initiative-taking. Our goal is to prepare every eligible and willing individual globally and particularly in Pakistan to become an innovative, responsible, participating citizen and media person who are guided by the law, integrity and self-awareness.


GNMI aims to promote innovation, excellence and leadership in Media. We value ethics, skills and opportunities to support professional development and more vibrant communities. We promise to polish the potential within and provide an own space to think critically and creatively.



Innovative and constructive platform for media professionals that promotes quality media practices develops ethical standards and stimulates networks of media practitioners across the globe.



1. Improve the credibility and impact of Media Industry.

2. Promote high quality journalism through professional training.

3. Provide a platform for discussion, debate and exchanges for views and experiences for journalists, editors, media executives and other professionals.

4. Build bridges between media, students and communities.

5. Sustain and encourage more media productions that generate civic results.

6. Create and support networks among media professionals.

7. Monitor, research, survey and publish the present and future media challenges.

8. Educate media professionals on emerging issues, use of new tools and new outlets for their work.