Training: Empowering GBV Reporting through Workshops

As part of the “Gender Justice Punjab” project, the Global Neighborhood for Media Innovation (GNMI) orchestrated a sequence of six one-day sensitization workshops. These workshops successfully engaged more than 180 journalists and digital content creators hailing from six specifically identified districts. The workshop’s multifaceted objectives were as follows:

Raising Awareness: Heightening awareness and understanding of gender-based violence (GBV) and its impact within Punjab’s targeted districts.

Enhancing Knowledge: Deepening participants’ knowledge of GBV’s legal framework, including pertinent laws, regulations, and Punjab-specific case studies.

Fostering Ethical Reporting: Instilling a strong ethical foundation among journalists and content creators, underscoring responsible and sensitive GBV reporting.

Empowering Survivors: Equipping participants to amplify GBV survivors’ voices, nurturing a compassionate society with justice and resources.

Developing Reporting Skills: Equipping participants with practical tools for effective GBV reporting, encompassing data gathering techniques, storytelling methods, and survivor perspectives.

Encouraging Collaborative Engagement: Creating a platform for shared experiences, discussions, and learning, fostering collaboration and best practices in GBV reporting.


The workshops embraced a comprehensive and participatory approach, empowering attendees to proficiently report on GBV. Post-workshop, participants achieved the following:


Navigating the Legal Landscape: Grasping GBV laws and ethical considerations, comprehending Punjab’s legal framework around GBV.

Language as a Catalyst: Utilizing Gender-Sensitive Terminology to create an inclusive and respectful narrative around GBV.

Holistic Reporting for Gender Justice: Prioritizing survivors’ well-being and dignity by adopting a survivor-centric approach in GBV reporting.

Collaborative Journalism: Building bridges with key stakeholders in GBV reporting, fostering relationships with civil society, law enforcement, judiciary, and support services.

Advocacy for Change: Championing GBV survivors’ rights and advocating for a violence-free society through impactful reporting.


The workshops’ approach aimed at empowering participants with skills, knowledge, and confidence for effective GBV reporting. This endeavor seeks to raise public awareness and contribute to a more compassionate and informed society in Punjab.

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