GNMI conducted an insightful study on ethical media reporting practices for Gender-Based Violence (GBV) cases, survivor support services information in Punjab’s target districts, and GBV’s criminal justice processes. This data-driven study culminated in a series of publications, strategically designed for public awareness:

GBV Pocket Guide: An accessible printed pocket publication tailored for journalists and digital content creators, offering ethical guidelines for responsible GBV reporting.

PSM Posters: Informative posters capturing key guideline highlights. These posters were distributed among journalists, placed at press clubs, associations, and media organizations.

Curriculum Enhancement: The project’s curriculum was meticulously developed to engage journalists across three essential domains: GBV prevalence and its Punjab media reporting landscape, insights into criminal justice processes, survivor support services, and best practices in news reporting and content development for GBV advocacy. The content is available in both English and Urdu, ensuring relevance to Punjab’s context. Copies of the curriculum were shared with training participants.

Newspaper Advocacy: Impactful public awareness articles were composed and published in national newspapers, spotlighting GBV prevalence, its societal implications, available support services for survivors, and information on criminal justice procedures.

These publications embody guiding principles derived from research findings. The study’s conclusions were further validated through a consultation meeting in Lahore, attended by 20 subject matter experts and stakeholders. This collective effort strengthens the foundation for ethical and impactful GBV reporting, resonating across Punjab’s media landscape.

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