Roundtable Discussions

Four Discussions in MIL for Women on July 17, 2021, August 24, 2021, September 28, 2021, and October 23, 2021, circled around online misogyny and hate speech, disinformation targeting women in aftermath of gender-based violence cases in Pakistan, media literacy, and health and related disinformation.

The first discussion was led by Media consultant, blogger and journalist Tehreem Azeem. She discussed on Twitter Spaces where she spoke to women and men journalists about what kind of Internet they imagine, and what they would like to alter about the current digital spaces they operate in. The digital discussion provided participants with a space to speak about stories where misogyny and patriarchal norms translated online, and how that impacted their journalistic work. The space was joined by multiple people connected to the media industry. Male journalists also discussed their experience of receiving hate online, for speaking and reporting on women rights or because they belonged to a religious minority.

The second digital discussion hosted by media consultant and journalist Tehreem Azeem, disinformation targeting women in aftermath of gender-based violence cases in Pakistan was discussed with journalists and activists.

Third digital discussion was on media literacy and how the internal dynamics of the newsrooms in Pakistan cause media to continue with its problematic portrayal of women as well as irresponsible or insensitive reporting. Experienced journalists such as Iffat Hasan Rizvi attended the Space and shared her experience in Pakistan’s journalism industry; how she was gaslighted and belittled by senior male journalists early in her career. This, she said, lead to her and many other women to question their own skills, and took away their power to challenge insensitive reporting. Other journalists who attended the Space also shared similar experiences

Fourth discussion held on Twitter Space was on health and related disinformation. Journalists and health experts attended the Twitter Space and shared their experience of dealing with health in Pakistan. Journalists reporting on health said they study their subjects and issue in detail and take all necessary measures in order to transfer accurate knowledge to the public, but the culture of influencers and celebrities giving health advice complicates matters as they often spread disinformation. There was a discussion on raising awareness among women about illnesses such as breast cancer, and a need to change the mindset and cultures in the country where doctors are often mistrusted. Speakers shared anecdotes and stories of their experience with reporting on or working in health sector and shared tips on how to avoid believing unverified and inauthentic health advice.

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