Mentoring and Individual Technical Support (MITS)

MITS activities are aimed at furnishing improvements to individual cohort members’ digital news platforms. We do it by patching them up with local and international mentors who review and provide feedback to each member’s DNP in terms of their business goal, branding, niche relevance, platform suitability, content quality and consistency. They also advise them if there is a need of technical equipment or applications to improve their content, on SEO, making their content more appropriate for the platform of their choosing, digital marketing strategies, monetization, and networking with other DNPs to improve their traffic, visibility, and content through cross platform collaboration. This mentoring exercise results in a final product blueprint and improvements framework. GNMI team works closely with the level 2 cohort members and provides individual technical support to implement the required improvements to their DNPs till they fit their product blueprint. MITS ultimate outcome is ready-to-launch DNP products with expected optimistic growth patterns. Thirty mentoring sessions were conducted by experts with the inaugural cohort members to improve their DNPs to optimal standards.

  1. Digital Content Creation 
  2. Monetization Tools & Strategies 
  3. Digital Marketing Strategy 
  4. E-commerce in Digital News Media 
  5. Startup Accounting & Finance 
  6. Digital Security & Safety 
  7. Cyber Laws – Policies & Regulations

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