Capstone Project Launch Ceremony

The time has come to show the world what our cohort members are made of and the change their DNPs will bring to the country’s digital media landscape. After all level 2 cohort DNPs receive ready-2-go (R2G) accreditation from experts, peers and GNMI management. We execute a series of activities titled “The Unveiling” contributing to the launch of R2G recipients’ products creating value add to their marketing plans. The Unveiling includes digital campaigns, press and media coverage of DNPs, experts and industry leaders’ endorsements, and a capstone ceremony as their launch platform. The inaugural cohort of 2021 had been working tirelessly on their ideas since the start of the year. Eight months later, they were ready to launch their startups in our capstone project launch ceremony, in front of leading figures of media, business, and technology. 

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