Program Launch

The campaign was designed with careful forethought, keeping social media trends and visibility in mind. We engaged in deliberation on the campaign material to ensure that the importance and scope of the program remained visible through each element.  

The team made sure to include information material in its campaign, including posters, videos, gifs, and infographics.  

  1. Announcement Post – A pictorial poster containing photographs of all 96 participants to introduce the program to digital audiences


Meet the Participants Post – 5 posters with program participants split into groups as per their province. These posters were also converted into a gif to share on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Participants’ Quotes – 6 posters featuring 6 program participants to show their understanding of peace and how to make it more widespread.

  1. Infographics Video – A 10-seconds-long video showing the scope of action of program participants through bar graphs. It can be watched here
  2. Explanatory Videos – 3 videos around the idea of peace and peacebuilding in Pakistan were shot and disseminated to explain key concepts to digital audiences and introduce the program’s aims as well.
  3. Twitter Space Session – The session aimed to stir a dialogue on Twitter around peacebuilding in Pakistan to encourage listeners to engage in peacebuilding in whatever capacity possible. The program’s participants were invited to share their two cents on the lack of social cohesion and unity in Pakistan and how important peacebuilding is for the betterment of their local communities.
  4. Webinar – The webinar shed light on the perspectives of peacebuilding in Pakistan and internationally, highlighting the work that has been done and areas that still beg attention. 

Live features of the campaign effectively sparked the interest of the participants and got them hyped and ready for the training. 

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