Mother Day – The gender employment gap and the raise of #WorkingMothers

Every year Mother Day is celebrated to recognize and appreciate the noble role played by mothers in the society. However, hardly there is any discourse of issues faced by working mother. GNMI took the responsibility and held a discussion on the topic on 4th May 2019 under “Lab Kushai” program. However, the discussion was focused of issues of working mother, but later its horizon was extended by talking about gender employment gap and increasing working women trend in Pakistani society. The discussion incorporates finding from reports and opinions of female leaders.   

World Economic Forum’s report of 2018 provided the grounds of discussion. The discussion was initiated by quoting some finding of the report. According to the report, out of 149 countries, Pakistan stands at 146th in term of economic participation and opportunity[AU1] , 145th in health and survival, and 97th in political empowerment. Apart from many more bleak revelations of the report it also showed an optimistic image regarding women employment. As the figures shows, the on-ground realities are far from ideal, but the society is progressing towards gender inclusive workplaces.



It shows that in comparison of 8% increased employment of male, female employment rate increased by 14%. Gul-e-Rana, iconic actor, and Shanzan Ramzi, CEO Starlink PR, mutually counted benefits of being a working mother, “children of working mothers are more disciplined, are better at time management and can cater to multiple tasks in a more disciplined way.”

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