Curriculum Development

A bespoke curriculum has been developed to support participants’ self-identification and increase their peacebuilding capacities. Various stakeholders were involved in the process including consultants with diversified academic background, prospective peacebuilders, and the project team. It was important to take peacebuilders’ into consideration to current identify gaps and missing links in the peacebuilding process, as well as in their leadership and communication capabilities.

The finalized five-module curriculum focuses on various peacebuilding approaches, developing their communication capacities, and leadership skills to successfully implement peace action plans. It was also designed to help participants strengthen their peacebuilding efforts and peace action profiles and support them in learning how to use digital product skills, social media, and messaging to a greater effect of their projects online and offline.

The comprehensive PeaceFLIX training manual is available here.

Its contents are as follows:

Mldule 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module 4 Module 5

Perspectives to Peace, conflict transformation and peacebuilding

Enhancing Leadership for Peacebuilding 

Communication for Development and Peacebuilding 

Peace Products – Digital Creation and Effective Dissemination 

Focused Management of Social Action Project 

For online training with participants of diversified, educational, socio-economic backgrounds to be effective, adding sufficiently engaging and interactive online activities was mandatory. This step allowed the training to be more practical, enabling participants to retain more information.

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