International women day, since 1911, has been celebrated envisioning a world with equal social, economic, cultural, and political participation of women in society. It propagates the concept of gender parity to accelerate the progress in society rather than invoking competition among genders. 

Along with 43 participants from diversified field of life, media and civil society personalities, senior politicians, and officials from national and international institutions joined hands with GNMI in highlighting the challenges, opportunities, and success stories of Pakistani women in Lab Kushai first event in the launch of “Lub Kushai” program on Saturday, 8th March 2019.

Najia Ashar, Founder and President of GNMI, credited the platform of #BalanceForBetter for encouraging successful women for their struggle for the betterment of their life and overall society. Moreover, in the event, distinguished speakers and guests not only emphasized women rights and dignity but also raised their voices against gender-based violence and discrimination. As said by senior politician Mr. Saeed Ghani, “We need to celebrate this day not only for the sake of only elite and blessed women but for those who are deprived yet they are struggling to make their families’ life better.” The event got limelight owing to the presence of Pak-US Alumni Network (PAUN) and Mr. Jason Green from US Counsel General who also acknowledged GNMI’s idea and underscored unspoken social issues of Pakistan. At the end of the event tokens of appreciation was given to successful women for their hard work and efforts




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