Call for Applications

The developments in digital media have changed the journalism industry all around the globe and contributed in journalistic independence, autonomy and sustainability. Considering its impact, it is high time that Pakistani journalist community adheres to the new media canvas in order to keep the press safe in our country.



Some extremely good initiatives and portfolios have been developed over time by few journalists and media content developers in Pakistan but there is a larger need to promote entrepreneurial journalism and build capacity of journalists in using technology and brand marketing for broadening the scale and number of independent news media outlets in Pakistan that will strengthen the journalist community.



Understanding this need, Global Neighbourhood for Media Innovation (GNMI) is pleased to announce Pakistan Entrepreneurial Journalism Program (PEJP). This program aims to increase journalists’ autonomy and financial independence by providing them essential training and resources to launch their own independent digital news outlets. It means no more layoffs, salary cuts, and self-censorship.



PEJP will be implemented in three Phases. This Call for Applications is part of its first Phase.



Phase 1: 


In this Phase, we are inviting journalists, digital news content creators, and independent bloggers/vloggers from all around Pakistan to apply for a three-day training program on Entrepreneurial Journalism that will be held in Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore in January 2021. For detailed eligibility criteria, please read who can apply section. This training will help applicants understand online content creation and production techniques along with giving them an insight into digital platforms and, most essentially, increasing their knowledge about brand strategy and monetization techniques.



Phase 2: 


In second Phase of PEJP, training participants of Phase 1 will be invited to submit detailed narrative and financial proposals of their online news media startup ideas during February 2021. Of all submissions, twenty startup ideas will be selected for further development. After the selection, participants of Phase 2 will attend a five-day technical training in Karachi during March 2021 and several 1-on-1 mentoring sessions. This will help participants to craft their startup ideas into a sustainable business model by understanding their target audience’s needs and building revenue opportunities. 


Phase 3: 


In this Phase, the participants/startups will be provided opportunity to showcase their work in front of industry leaders, key stakeholders and media in a product launch ceremony at the end of year 2021.



Salient Features:


  1. 1.      In-depth and totally FREE OF COST training(s).

2.      Travel and accommodation provided by GNMI to participants coming from connecting cities to the program’s training centers in
         Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.


3.      Small grants for participants/startups selected for PEJP Phase 2.


4.      50% of seats for women.


5.      Training designed and delivered by local and international industry leaders in journalism, entrepreneurship and business.


6.      Opportunity to develop, grow and monetize your online news media startup.


7.      Opportunity to showcase your startup on national level.


8.      A total of 60 applicants will be selected from all received applications for Phase 1 of this program.


9.      The working language of the training program will be Urdu and English.


10.    All training participants will be required to produce a digital news outlet product at the end of the training session. 



Who can apply?


For this program, we are looking for self-motivated and high potential



1.      Journalists

2.      Digital news content creators

3.      Independent bloggers/vloggers



Who are either running their own independent digital news outlets or having an idea with a defined target audience they wish to serve with their media-related product or service. This could be a website, blog, vlog, YouTube channel focusing on political news, social news, entertainment news, travel, sports, or any genre serving a specific target audience.


GNMI welcomes applications from all over Pakistan, all age groups, genders, and ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds.



How to apply?


Please click on the link below to submit your Application Form. You can also download the Application Form and email it to


Deadline to submit application is 02nd December, 2020. Incomplete applications or applications submitted beyond the aforementioned deadline will not be accepted. GNMI encourages applicants to be creative with their applications and supporting documents. 


Please note that all applications will be reviewed by a panel of journalists, technologists, digital content creators, marketing, and business experts. Final results will be sent out via email by 18th December, 2020.


 For any further questions, please send an email to


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