Qawwali Quenches the Peace Craving

Friday, 19th July, 2019 – Karachi –Media Baithak organized a dialogue and performance session on the topic of “Promoting Peace Through Qawwali: Tracing The Journey of Sufi Musical Practices and Traditions Across the World”. The objective of this dialogue and performance was to discuss the elements and possibilities which promote peace among the youngsters. It was further aimed to provide solutions, by the experts, to young generation who faces hurdle in persuading the Sufi Kalam in a form of Qawwali.  

“Sufism has become a fashion now and what is fashion it is commercial. The mystery of Sufism is, its tranquility and peace elements fade away as it reaches to commercial approach. Sufism is sacred and so is Qawwali, which helps people to refrain from violent behavior, it connects people with divine and once connected, no one can dares to surpass the divine peace” Mr. Bedil Masroor, famous Sufi singer and musician pointed out the root causes which could lead young generation towards peace via Qawwali.

The Dialogue participants also emphasized government, civil society and art and media institutions to firmly promote Sufi music for the generations to come. It was noticed that lacking of music studies in educational institute in Pakistan is another reason of frustration among young generation.

“Our educational institutions are continuously ignoring the positive impact of music on new generation. The elements of music i.e. Sur, la’ay and aesthetics bound anyone, who peruses music, to stay focused, it refrains from violent thoughts, and through music only peace prevails. I believe including music in curriculum has become a national immediate need.” Masood Alam , Music Composer expressed his great concern for the young generation.

To a question about how religion supports Qawwali, Dr. Sher Mehrani, Scholar and Author replied,  “Khuwaja Moinuddin a saint transformed the glorified words for the lord , which had been using by the people from centuries, into focused melodious which provokes and cultivates goodness and divine connection of peace, and this is also the soul of not only Islam but all existing religion in this world.”

“Sufism is a form of Zikr, in the Sufi kalam we glorified our lord and this cleanses our soul, providing a soul and though cleanser, in a form of Qawwali and Sufi kalam, can help societies to get rid of violent extremism and world has existing examples of these societies.” Nauman Ahmed Riyaz, Senior Executive Director FM 96 and an author highlighted the importance of Sufi kalam for promoting peace.

All the participants agreed on that Sufi kalam and Qawwali has the power to convey essential human values, such as respect, discipline, sacrifice, solidarity, courage, and ethics. These values seem more critical today than ever—particularly in the resolution of significant peace issues, Qawwali and Sufi kalam can be an engine for positive change and development. It unifies those of all faiths, cultures, and languages. And they are the mandatory tools of peace building process. The dialogue session was moderated by senior journalist and anchor person Nadia Farooq.

An important part of the Qawwali dialogue was a Sufi Kalam performance by the emerging musical band “I.U Musician” at Media Baithak performance hall as an encouragement for their dedication toward work. They performed some of the heart touching and soul pacifying Sufi Kalams which mesmerized the audience and they were well appreciated.

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