Journalists Training on Social Media in Journalism

Karachi (July 13th, 2019) – The rapid social media penetration in journalism is scarier for many working journalists and many are playing pigeon play, yet its fact that future is of digital media, and if working journalists don’t accept this immediate change, the future might be blurred.

“Fake news trend is breaking the trust on main stream media, public are more social media driven and fake information on social media is now making the public opinion which is creating the chaos in the society, being journalist it’s our responsibility is to provide authentic source, and verification of the source or informer should be a top priority” Lubna Jarar Naqvi – Head of social media department – Geo News.

A one-day training workshop on “Social Media in Journalism” was organized at Media Baithak in Karachi. The training was aimed to provide first-hand knowledge about the digital media influence on society and how it’s affecting Media as a whole. Training was conducted by Mr. Hussain Afzal, Social Media Strategist – Business Recorder Group, with the support of Najia Ashar, Executive Director Media Baithak, and Lubna Jarar Naqvi, Head of Social Media Department, Geo News.

“Today’s training is the dire need of journalism profession, this is the only future-journalism oriented training which I received in my 10 year of journalism experience, this kind of professional development are to be done by media houses but it’s not happening, social media is future, and there is no doubt if we don’t learn now what is emerging future, we will not be in the counting of next generation journalism” Pervaiz Ishtiaq – Head of Programming G-TV.

The comments came from one of the participants of the journalist training “social media journalism” organized by Media Baithak. This activity driven journalist training comprised in-hand knowledge of online safety and security; information verification on social media; development of content for various avenues of social media and effective usage of different social media platforms. The participants made digital stories on selected news articles along with rehashing feature reports to make news feed for social media platform.

“Development of content and squeezing a long report into social media digital story are the key learning of today’s training” Amir Ansari – Journalist Dawn News.

“Social media is a fact now; most of the population doesn’t know the laws bounding the social media, fake news which provokes the emotions of the masses is a crime, cyber bullying; using the fake account, hatred content and online threat all comes into crime zone, what most of the journalists learnt today was the immediate need of our world” Mr. Liaqat Ali, Advocate Sindh High-Court.

Having the charter of active collaboration between media and civil society, Media Baithak called two active civil society members Raifia Muddassir, Leadership trainer and educationist and Mr. Liaqat Ali, advocate high-court, civil society members gave in-sides of the stories which participating journalists worked on.

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